Building what comes next, from AI to alternative investing. I operate Lastly Studios, a new product studio for emerging technology.
The real goal is to chase away all the boredom, until only true interest is left
Semi-organized chaos is what engages me and let's me shelve projects that I won't truly commit to for the long term. If I don't have at least a few of projects up in the air please check on me. See /now page for details –>
Honest AI
A community to educate and explore how AI can be applied to solve real-world problems. Themes: GPT-3, synthetic media, and the metaverse.
Signed Waves
A large music project to promote discovery and build collaborative, valuable playlists. Fully integrated with Spotify; here for the long term.
Invest Like the Rest
Accessible investment information for the 99%. Summarizing important public market activity in plain language. Fun design, original research.
Off Mute
My opinion newsletter. Free-ranging over a wide array of interesting topics. Chronicles my journey of building in the open. Sign up for the music recs!
A Good Story
Storytelling has become a buzzword, but not here. AGS is a product that helps entrepreneurs and marketers position their projects for success.
...unnamed AI venture...
Using natural language machine learning to solve important problems in content creation and ease of access.
Landscape &
Product Photo
In a strange way I am most internet-known for taking photos. After spending the better part of a year exploring the entirety of New Zealand, I uploaded ~200 pictures to free photo services Unsplash and Pexels. From there the images went on to be used what seems like everywhere. Print, campaigns, backgrounds, plugins, product launches, music, remixes, and as assets for tens of thousands of websites.

Life lesson: people –and brands– love free things.
300 million views, 1.5 million downloads, 45 thousand webistes 300 million views, 1.5 million downloads, 45 thousand webistes
Used by greats
photos used by Techcrunch, Forbes, Yahoo, Uber, MIT, BBC, IBM, Berkley, Framer, Inter, Tencent, Trello, Vice, Canva, Fast Company
Lastly Studios explainer image
Building self-contained niche startups. Current products include dives into ML language models, AI research, music, and storytelling.
Helping to plan for the future and make sure product launches go smoothly. Monetization, positioning, storytellng, brand voice, and whatever else needs doing. Big or small companies welcome!
Hey, this is my site. Thanks for taking a look. I grew up in a small town in northern Minnesota (yes the cold part), and went to school in Minneapolis for Computer Engineering. I have always liked to do my own stuff, so after I had worked for a supercomputing company for a few years I set off to pursue my own efforts full-time. I never liked the low-level parts of my major (math, circuits, coding), so I took the opportunity to focus more specifically on the ideation and strategy aspects of technology. After a try at making a big-time startup, I have now found my happy space between what is creative, technical, and practical with the formation of Lastly Studios. My job is to help explain the technical, set the direction, and execute the launch.

I honestly love new things. Learning, doing, following, whatever; I spend almost no time going over past events. One of my life goals is to be able to have a good conversation with anyone. I am a life-long generalist, minimalist, and quality seeker.