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My name is Tyler, glad that you stopped by!

I am a generalist that focuses primarily on building tech for my own company, Put Simply, and helping others to change the future through Early Capital. I have a degree in Computer Engineering and have worked with all kinds of software systems from mobile to supercomputing. I write code every week, but still don't really consider myself a developer. Product work and economics have long held the strongest draw for me, especially when thinking about long-term projects.

I grew up in a cold, small town in Minnesota (north of Duluth!), but have spent the last 7 years in Minneapolis. I used most of a year (2016-'17) to drive around New Zealand and plan out my life goals. I try hard to welcome change and will move somewhere new very soon.

I am on a lifelong mission to be well-rounded. That may not sound like much, but as an ENTJ, stoic realist it is quite the ask! I am constantly reading, learning, and more recently, writing. I live minimally, having chosen to sell nearly all my physical assets in 2016.

I welcome a good conversation with anyone! Some topics that are on the top of my mind and I could talk about in-depth:

  • • Venture Capital - Early stage start ups, security tokens!
  • • Future Tech - Expanding the human potential, brain-computer interfaces
  • • Education - I am passionate about helping correct the current system
  • • Blockchain - Send me your crazy white papers :)
  • • Travel! - Especially long-term, minimal living, photography
  • • Things with engines - Cars, bikes, flying machines
  • • Design - Lighting, workspaces, what would you put in a coffee shop?
  • • Music - Member of the 100k+ min/year club on Spotify, have some good playlists? (mine)

I have spent the vast majority of my life avoiding social media, but now I am finally starting to make up for that. I plan to increase my activity on Medium and Twitter as I produce more interesting and hopefully valuable content.

This site exists so to make it easier/less scary for you to connect with me, take advantage of that!

Better yet, send an email :)  •  tyler@lastovich.me

Tyler Lastovich