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Multidisciplinary engineer + strategist building in deep tech, investment research, and creative sectors.
Hey, my name is Tyler. Welcome to my personal metaverse.

I grew up in northern Minnesota and now live as a minimalist without a true home base. By degree I am a computer engineer, previously working in supercomputing before transitioning toward strategy and product development. I have worked with startups in some capacity for the last decade and now run my own studio focusing on emerging sectors. The majority of my recent work revolves around investing and AI –specifically generative imagery and NLP. See below for more on that. With a high-risk tolerance I can regularly be found testing new strategies on public market investing (stocks, options, crypto).

A sincere amount of my time is spent thinking about interesting ideas for life, happiness, and the future. My DMs and email are open.
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Major Works

I run a product development studio, where I build software that blends AI and real-world problems. I have many projects currently under development, sharing the same base core code. I also spend time developing quant algorithmic trading systems.

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A rendering engine for financial information. Aligned to time savings through curation and clear messaging.
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Interactive generative art project to highlight the potential of NFTs.
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Primary research, analysis, and financial modeling. A new breed of member-operated DAO. More in 2022.
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