What's happening now
Lastly Studios
I am currently building out a project and strategy studio. That means setting up a number of things all at once. Including a public content such as the home website, social media, launch materials, and studio-led projects. Internally I am creating a system for quickly building repeatable microsites and small startups. This project is called Goldilocks and actually runs what you are reading too!
Signed Waves
A fun music product that gives people a chance to influence their music recommendations. Wild graphics, Spotify integration, and an upcoming Shopify tie-in make this project stand out.
Early Capital
In-progress is an intro article designed to illustrate the issues that ar currently facing new companies in the venture capital space. As a long-term project, I hope to get help to bring this to market.
Generated Photos
Strategy and operations work for generated.photos. A company building one of the first commercial platforms for synthetic media. I would love to know what you think about this!

What's happening next
Uncapped Research
A project and group based on market research. I am actively researching and writing content regarding fields such as curation economies and commerce.
A premium photography marketplace dealing with RAW photos. 1-time sales and a different approach to stock materials.