Multidisciplinary engineer (+ strategist) building in deep tech and creative sectors

Hey I am Tyler, welcome to my node of the internet.

I explore and build emerging technology, spending time on a combination of knowledge systems, AI, neurotech, and investing. Professionally, I have worked across mobile, web, and supercomputing in roles from engineering to marketing.

I have been involved with startups for a decade and appreciate the generalist skillset this has afforded. Architecting, designing, and building new concepts is something I truly enjoy.

Concepts that I am specifically interested in [late ‘22]:

- Instructional AI (generative)
- Human memory augmentation
- Induced neuroplasticity
- Investment risk characterization (esp. options, VC)

My current work covers a cross section of these topics, with the majority centered around the application of large language models.

Setting goals is not my agenda, instead I simply want to stay genuinely curious for as long as possible. I place a high value on nuanced discussion and a low value on noise (news, politics).

I am endlessly fascinated with how the brain works and how people communicate thought. Dealing with SDAM (lack of autobiographical memories) and full aphantasia motivates a meaningful amount of my work.

My DMs and email tyler(at) are open.