I am fascinated by things that cannot be easily quantified.

Art is the primary driver of this. I am a logical thinker. I resolve the world around me by breaking it into perceived value. I have become pretty good at this over time, but there are some significant shortfalls in this.

It breaks my brain how art can be valued. I simply don’t get it. If someone who is tone-deaf can’t play a tune, I am the art-deaf equivalent. Thankfully this weakness does not extend to design though! I love and truly appreciate good design.

Being art-deaf leads me to consistently think that society gives anyone who claims to be an ‘artist’ far too much slack. When something is justified as ok, purely because of artistic value I die a little inside. Maybe someday this will change, but I am not holding out hope. :)

Sometimes I think of art as just truly novel design. Perhaps scarcity is what gives it at least part of its value? That said, we deal with scarce items ever day that have little to no value so that cannot be the entire story.

What gives something that has no inherent worth, value? I have yet to crack this, but I think about it often. I do not think the answer lies in power of the crowd.