Over the last few years I have slowly decided to get more serious about investing, specifically regarding venture capital. I still love building things, but realize that my comparative advantage comes from being a generalist rather than a specialist and VC plays well to that.

What I have been quite amazed at is the lack of content and understanding online with regard to creating a tech company. There are many different VC podcasts, twitter accounts and more. Very few of these devote any time at all to the non-unicorns in their portfolio, even if they are wildly profitable. Silicon Valley it seems is becoming increasingly disassociated with the world at large. I would argue that this isn’t actually that big of an issue. Major investors are just concentrating on the very top of the options they are presented, the companies that stand a chance of becoming a breakout hit. That is how the venture model works after all. One great deal is likely to return more than 50 small deals. Venture capitalists are stewards of investment funds; their job to maximize returns for their investors.

What is noticeably lacking in the world of startups is understanding of all the options entrepreneurs have in seeking funding. Debt, Angels, ISAs, VC, it is a very opaque process. Many people enter the venture game too early through angel investments which can ultimately set themselves up for failure.

Personally I find that I am much more helpful to entrepreneurs that are looking to make realistic moves.