Welcome to my corner of the internet. A place where I will discuss all sorts of things while adding my own opinions to them. I will publish articles as I feel like it, without any scheduling or cadence.

Wait, isn’t it 2020? And this is a new blog, really?


I have waited for what seems like forever for whatever will come after blogs. A place for people to write and discuss ideas, products, life, travel, anything. For a while I hoped that is what Medium would turn into, but alas it has succumbed to a hive of paywalls and marketing. So until there is somewhere else to turn, I figure that a blog is better than nothing. Hopefully I can make it a little more fun to look at over time.

I have never been a very ‘online’ person. Social media is just eh to me. I would rank not starting to write publicly as the greatest miss of my career. I definitely have some lost time to make up for here.


I am continually inspired with those people that can produce high quality posts, articles, and content while still performing their jobs. Week after week after week. So to all those that choose to create over consume my hat is off to you. I will have to prove that I can keep this up for the long haul.

What to write

The topic set of this blog will range pretty dramatically. I will try to keep it sorted as logically as possible. It will include photography sets from traveling, thoughts on investing/the future, logs of personal development, and some dumps from side explorations into design. I lean into being a generalist and get bored very easily. I used to fight that, but now I just try and turn it into a positive.


One of my deepest held goals is to be able to have a fun/engaging conversation with anyone. This means that I am always on the lookout to learn something new. If you are passionate about something and want to talk about it feel free to reach out for a chat.

I will try to take an active role in social media this year, to try that out.

So, hello 👋🏻. Thanks for reading – you can follow along or contact me @tylerlastovich most places.

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FWIW: This blog is pure opinion and doesn’t directly reflect what the position of any of my professional projects. I have a research group specifically for more filtered content: Uncapped Research→